Cotton Candy

#3024 Floss Boss

A great machine to start out with. It's the most dependable Cotton Candy machine in the industry. Solid state heat control, high capacity spinner head and cool running operation makes it easy. It is recommended that this and all other flass machines be operated with some type of floss bubble - to protect from flying sugar crystals, in case someone overloads the spinner head.


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Cotton Candy #3017SS Stainless Steel Econo Floss with Spun Aluminum Bowl

All Gold Medal Cotton Candy machines are equipped with four carbon brushes and contact with the brass slip rings - in a slightly unbalanced sugar load, this extra hardware helps prevent damage to the brass. Production of over 200oz. per hour is possible. But don't try to "push" these single heating element floss machines too hard - when you turn the heat "up," you may cause too much heat - carbon will form in the heating element and clog up the ribbons, eventually reducing production completely.

List Price - $1100.00

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#3008SS Stainless Steel Deluxe Whirlwind

This is exactly what its name implies - the most deluxe Whirlwind we have ever produced. The Whirlwind contains a built in voltage booster - four brushes for much longer brass life - voltage meter visible for "pinpoint" operator control. No rheostats - rather, variable transformer action controls Voltage to the head and heating elements.

List Price - $2425.00

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3005ss #3005SS Stainless Steel Tornado

Has all the Tornado features - it still uses the spun aluminum floss pan. The cabinet is stainless steel. No paint to chip - whatever you normally use to keep your stainless stel looking perfect will be the same thing your want to use here. So many of hte components last a lifetime.

List Price - $2550.00

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