#2656 Ultra 60 Special

This is the lowest priced machine that contains an "E-Z Kleen" kettle. Tempered window glass will not scratch. Twin arm double hung kettle is easily removed for cleaning. "Fold back" doors. Stainless steel kettle shell. Much safer than all competitive 6. oz. machines.

List Price - $975.00

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Ultra 60 Special


#2660GT Antique Deluxe Sixty Special

This is the "show piece" of all 6oz. deluxe machines. Features the antique styling found in all Gold Medal Gay 90's poppers. Etched glass, cast filigree, brass-like antique finish. Price is for the popper only. Cart is extra, see below

List Price - $1175.00

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#2659CR Red, Two-Wheel Cart

This heavy-duty cart is built to the same rugged standards as all of the larger carts and wagons.

List Price - $545.00
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2660 #2660 Deluxe 60 Special

The deluxe Sixty Special was the industry's original Deluxe 6 oz. kettle popper. Welded top and bottom frame, bright anodized aluminum finish, tempered glass and the now-famous "E-Z Kleen" kettle.

The heavy-duty top dome is reinforced. Side vents allow for displays on top. These machines effectively replace the counter space they use.

List Price - $1125.00

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#2003 Whiz Bang

Since 1957, America's favorite 12 oz. kettle popper. Heavy duty in every respect. Terrific working room - adequate display space - a very safe, fun-to-operate popcorn machine.

List Price - $2075.00

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#2488 Super 88 Popper

The Super 88, a compact design with ample working space, is an 8-oz. model that brings top-notch performance to any establishment. 
This is our best seller.

 List Price - $1250.00

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